A conventional teeth replacement consequence especially a long-span bridge. This patient’s chief complaint is pain and swelling around lower molar. Radiologic exploration reveal that vertical teeth fracture due to post and core treatments and a long-span bridge which leads to excessive pressure to abutment tooth. The patient claims that this treatment was offered as only choice and his dentist even did not suggest implant support prosthesis. Although at this moment it is a complicated replacement, the treatment of choice is implant. After proposing the treatment plan , the patient ask a wisely question: why did not my previous dentist suggest this kind of treatment? Our team due to professional reasons consultant with the dentist and his respond was professionally. He stands that he has treated the patient based his knowledge and he assumed that there was no difference between these two options and because he has not done implant supported prosthesis , he honestly confesses that he did not offer this option. After that he sent patient’s records to our office and our team’s treatment of choice at that time is definitely implant replacement. This illustration completely explains that an artificial intelligence which is designed for choosing between what kind of teeth replacement would be beneficial for dentists who do not familiar with implant treatment and patients too.