To develop the DVI’s smart software, we have done some phases and reached some outputs that we will introduce in this section.

Mockup And design criteria

Selection of Colors

Regarding this application as a dashboard in the field of dentistry, it was decided to use the colors representing the area of healthcare, and especially dentistry. Therefore, turquoise green, and blue were used so that the user gets the right impression of the workspace at first glance

Selection of Font

One of the most popular fonts used in websites and applications in the area of healthcare is the “Proxima Nova” font. In addition to beauty and modernity, it is a renowned font in this field. Thus, this font was selected and used for the designation of this dashboard.


The application environment is entirely up-to-date and designed in line with the field of work. Furthermore, a pattern of dental equipment is used in the background of the application to convey a better business experience to the user. The use of illustrations and characters in the application is in a way that can help the user to understand the function of pages and elements properly. Besides, the proper use of colors made the mood and environment of the application matching its mission. The color green was used as an accent color for the buttons of the first type, and the color blue was used as a secondary color to emphasize more on some parts.

Navigation and User Experience

Considering the business of this website, the framework of the application is in the form of a dashboard. As expected, the menu bar is on the left where the link to access the main parts of the application are, and at the bottom are the link and avatar of the logged-in user. The content area is a large part of the page on the right, and options such as notifications, settings, support, and languages are located at the top right of the page. The first option, the dashboard page, gives the user an overview of the system; for instance, the number of current patients or the percentage of treatment methods of patients to date. On the Patient Management page is the list of all patients, and also a search bar to search for the intended patient. The ability to add a new patient, or view, modify, delete, or run an artificial intelligence algorithm on the information a patient to intelligently assess his or her treatment method is also readily available in this section. On the AI Diagnosis Processes page, in the first tab, Define New Process, a process can be assigned to a patient to receive a suggestion of a suitable treatment method from the system. Moreover, the list of all artificial intelligent diagnosis processes performed by the system for different users is available in the All-Process tab. The user can make decisions about each one; Such as running a predefined process, viewing more information, deleting, or modifying. In the artificial intelligence methods configuration section, there are two tabs. In the Neural Network tab, the user can change the settings related to the artificial neural network that is used to diagnose the treatment strategy so that it runs with the new settings. In the second tab, Evolutionary Algorithms, the settings related to evolutionary algorithms are located. In this section, the user can determine which algorithm to run by default if the evolutionary algorithms method is selected. The General Settings of the application are available to the user throughout the application with the button located at the top of the screen, settings such as changing the theme of the application, security, event logging, etc. Furthermore, the user can view the list of notifications throughout the application by clicking the notifications button and see the details of each by clicking on them. These notifications can be about the end of an intelligent diagnosis process or the start of another process scheduled for a user. Additionally, the application language list is available to the user at the top of the page throughout the application, and the user can select the desired language for the dashboard by clicking on it.