Artificial intelligence In Dentistry

Artificial intelligence will assist dentists to make data-informed choices between dentures, bridges, or dental implants, which is often difficult to make with potentially dire consequences. Our business proposes to use artificial intelligence to assist dentists in...

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Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are highly interconnected networks of computer processors inspired by biological nervous systems. AI is rapidly advancing beyond text-based, image-based dental practice. Studies applying machine learning based on Artificial Neural...

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have created software based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which would assist the decision-making aspect of the dentist much easier, cost-effective, and timely. Using our platform, dentists can create and harness a competitive advantage. AI has...

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Teeth replacement consequences

‏ A conventional teeth replacement consequence especially a long-span bridge. This patient’s chief complaint is pain and swelling around lower molar. Radiologic exploration reveal that vertical teeth fracture due to post and core treatments and a long-span bridge...

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