AI-Powered Dental Experience

We propose a software platform, which employs artificial intelligence to assist dentists in deciding what to choose between dental teeth replacement procedures: Dentures or Dental Implants.

Introducing DVI

Denture vs Implant is a software program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for the determination of the safest, most effective tooth restoration procedures. Denture vs Implant streamlines the decision-making process by utilizing AI and ML on a wealth of past client data and applies deep learning to determine the best treatment option. The platform is a diagnostic assistive tool for dentists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Our Products and services

We offer an AI platform based on some of the newest capabilities enabled by deep learning techniques, using AI and ML, to all Dental and General Practitioners: a tool that can recognize things that even the most experienced dentist may otherwise miss, producing results returned in near real-time, fast enough to be incorporated into a busy practice workflow.

Why DVI?

There are multiple options to replace missing teeth, and while this is a great advancement, the myriad of choices could also lead to confusion or lack of proper choice. The Dentist has the responsibility to ensure that the right choice is recommended to the patient. Dental implants have a high success rate, but they can fail for several reasons. It’s important to know the potential risks so you can take steps to improve your odds of success. It is important for clinicians to assess these factors and recommend the most appropriate and risk-free option to their patients. In addition, dental professionals will have to deal with implant failure and related complications. Using the DVI application will make dental implants safe and error-free and affordable.

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